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A short story of the Cane Corso dog

The Cane Corso is the more streamlined of the two Italian breeds descending from the ancient Roman molossian war dogs, the heavier version being the Neapolitan Mastiff. While the Neo evolved as a dedicated guard dog, the Corso became a versatile farm dog. It is a farm dog with multiple functions, guard, driving cattle, hunting bear and boar and, in more distant times, war dog with the Roman legion and Roman play dog ​​against the lion. The breed has been recognized as the 14th Italian breed and is no longer endangered. Its close cousin is another Italian mastiff: the Naples mastiff, heavier and much less flexible. In the middle of the 20th century, when the Neapolitan mastiff was recognized, its other name was also cane corso. Its origin comes from the time of ancient Rome, it was so strong and so attached, that the cane corso as it is known today, was used to repel lions in their neighborhood after their performance in the Colosseum. The cane corso, from its real Italian name Cane Corso Italiano (cane meaning "dog" and corso "course", unless corso is a derivative of the Latin cŏhors ("farmyard; cohort")), is a breed of Hound dogs, of Italian origin, used as guard, defense, police and tracking dogs. The cane corso was used to keep large farm cattle in the agricultural estates of southern Italy. The bull producers on the other hand, used it as a living shield, in order to stop the bulls when they were charging them.

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